Sawn veneer is considered to be the finest thing that can be made of wood because it is the greatest appreciation of the wood.

Hardly any other wood product contains so much potential as sawn veneer and, at the same time, preserves the character of the real wood in every final product. Thanks to its individual useability, it is the ideal alternative for fine surfaces and for specific requirements and offers many options for interior design. The use of sawn veneer gives the look of natural solid wood. It therefore gives every piece of furniture a unique appearance, while the many advantages of the sawn veneer product are retained.

Using sawn veneer, top-quality final products can be manufactured that are durable and have a long service life.

Osenstätter Holz & Furnier has the ideal technical equipment and machinery to manufacture every desired grade. The natural appearance of the wood can be emphasised, both in terms of structure and feel, without compromising on quality.

Product and Production Advantages

The manufacturing process of sawing prevents the wood fibres from being broken. This avoids cracks and a strong diminishing of quality and it achieves the best conditions for processing the surface.

Sawn veneer gives every final product an individual and unique look of solid wood that looks and feels good on the surface and across the width. It is therefore idea for floors, ceilings, walls and furniture in interior design.

We are happy to advise you about the many other possible uses of sawn veneer!

Stairs in solid wood character

Product Range

  • individual manufacture from a thickness of 2 mm
  • can be manufactured in up to XXL widths and lengths
  • individual saw cut look
  • sawn veneer manufacture from round timber and cut timber, both undried and dried
  • extensive warehouse stocks available in standard thicknesses from 7 mm
  • warehouse stocks of more than 30 different types of wood

We also offer many fabrication options for special requirements. You will find more information on this under Semi-Finished Products.

Examples of Use

Examples of Use

Examples of Use


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