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Wood is our passion

Every tree has a story to tell – appreciating this is the basis of our daily work.
Every tree is therefore selected with appreciation and dedication and made into a unique product.

Since every type of wood has its own characteristics and no two trees are the same, no two veneer leaves are the same. Thanks to this uniqueness of structure, colour and markings of every veneer leaf, veneer is an exceptional design element that retains its natural beauty even after processing.

For more than 35 years, Osenstätter Holz & Furnier has seen itself as a specialist for sawn veneer. Against the background of this natural philosophy, we respond to individual wishes while respecting the demand for top quality and responsible management of the natural raw material of wood. Our company offers options for exclusive interior design in countless variations.

Our range also includes an extensive range of sliced veneer and sawn timber from sustainable forestry. We have established ourselves as a manufacturer of semi-finished products.

Osenstätter Holz & Furnier has established itself as a specialist for sawn veneer.
Our company has the optimum technical equipment and machinery to manufacture any desired grade.

Alongside sawn veneer, Osenstätter Holz & Furnier offers a wide variety of sliced veneer and sawn timber products. We are also involved in processing and offer many kinds of semi-finished products as a dealer and manufacturer.

Thinking and Action

Quality, Sustainability and Responsibiltiy to Future Generations. Our company is based on these principles and consistently treats people and nature responsibly.

We can turn your ideas into reality – with as much flexibility as you need!

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